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Corporate Move in Indonesia

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Corporate Move in Indonesia

Corporate Move is quite upheaval process that helps thousands of families and businesses across worldwide locations. Be it international or domestic move, its about relocating lives and changing lifestyles for your corporate employees and their family members. Running a full-service and cost-efficient relocation program-making sure a stress-free move for the mobile employee- can be quite challenging. But, APML Indonesia is ready to help you!

We assist you plan and develop a best-practice corporate relocation program, providing exactly the degree and type of assistance you require including complete program management. We will assist your mobile employees throughout every stage of their relocation so that they arrive their destination on time andready to work while APML will handle every part of your move.

Departure & Move Management Services

Avoid the pre-move panic by getting the biggest headaches off your employee’s to-do list and onto ours. We assist you with everything, from selling homes to handling visa and immigration paperwork.

Destination Services

Ensure that your every detail is taken care of when your employee reaches at their new destination. Be it finding the perfect home, delivering furniture, or enrolling the kids in school, we make it happen.

Resettling Services

Culture change is a real thing and we know adjusting to a new premise that could be a great challenge. We help you smooth out the transition with language lessons, cross-cultural training, and more.

Ongoing Assignment Management

Don’t let your employees feel abandoned in their new location. We offer ongoing services for whatever lies ahead, from compensation management to travel management to helping with the return home.

Relocation Consulting Services

To stay viable, you need to continually innovate. We help you monitor your organization’s Mobility Quotient, assessing the health of your programs, and refining your policies.

Relocation Technology

Monitoring and tracking the details of a relocation program can be daunting. APML Indonesia makes it simple, providing up-to-the-minute details for you and your employees.

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